Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Catching up a bit

Hi Everyone,

Just some simple news about the family.

Sunday, Bradley woke up throwing up and had a bad stomach virus all day. He was miserable. Monday he stayed home from school (he liked that!) and Tuesday he went back. Seems to have been a 24 hour stomach flu kinda thing. Didn't seem to prevent him from going trick-or-treating! (His costume? A hiker. I know, I know,...real creative.)

Bryan and I went to meet Chris Colquhoun (NH7QH), the EARC president on Sunday. He is letting Bryan borrow a VX-170 2m handheld radio for a little over a month. For the first time since we became hams, Bryan and I talked to each other on the air. It was quite fun and probably rather silly from the outside. I was at Safeway calling Bryan on ham radio just to ask his opinion on white or wheat bread! It didn't really matter, I just wanted to hear his voice coming over the radio. It was cool, and no, I don't expect you to understand. :)

That's the latest!

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