Friday, November 17, 2006

Guns and Bows

I just wanted to share a few photos. Bryan's 12th birthday was Wednesday. He had seen a Nerf "Tag" set at Costco about a month ago, and really wanted it. They begged me for it but we just couldn't get it at the time. About a week later I was able to pick it up on my own and hide it until his birthday. They are great fun! They "shoot" really well, and we have ALL had a blast running around the house and falling down in a hail of bullets and laughter. It's funny how menacing they try to look while holding their Nerf guns!

I have still been enjoying my birthday gift of a compound bow. At least twice a week, usually before work, I spend about 45 minutes at the archery range. It is usually very peaceful because I am all by myself, but on 2 occasions I have unexpectedly been joined by Dan Uchida, which is always a pleasant surprise! I have slowly been getting better and for the first time this week, I have considered raising the draw weight of the bow. When I first got it I wasn't sure if I'd be able to use it because the "pull" was so heavy. Now it feels very natural, and I'd like to see my arrows fly a little flatter with some more speed.

Peace, Love and Staying on Target,


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