Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday we had a great Thanksgiving!

It started off at 5:15am, when I got up to get ready for the rocket launch. Woke up the kids, got the gear loaded and left for Neal Blaisdell Park before sunrise. Had a smaller crowd of regulars, with us, the Manning's, The Lee's, and the FCF youth group among others. Bit of a rough start as the first rocket wouldn't fire, the second landed in a tree, another (mine) didn't deploy it's recovery system and crashed onto an apartment roof, then Bryan's Space Ship One landed in a tree and was unrecoverable.

At that point I was almost ready to go home early, except that I always say every rocket flies at least once. Then next bunch went off beautifully, including the D-engined Payloader and Mercury Atlas and the C-engined Mercury Redstone. Some real pretty flights. We left with 4 of the six rocket we brought, and I may try to go back for the Space Ship One model.

After the rockets it was off to Turkey Day at the Fewell's. Lots of last minute clean up and preparations. I started the fire for the 2 turkeys at 11:40am and by 2:00 the last one was out. This year the turkey came out wonderfully (that means I didn't over cook it!). Guests started arriving around 1:00 or so and soon we had a wonderful crowd of friends and family enjoying themselves and the food. Lots of boys playing around! Over half of our guests were children and we had a great time together.

You can see all the food and we even had a chocolate fountain with fruit for dessert!

I think everyone went home happy and well fed and we were glad to just lay back and relax into a tryptophan coma.

Peace, Love and Tryptophan for all!


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