Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving!

We've been busy! Most evenings and weekends lately I have been cleaning up outside or building rockets in the garage. Every Thanksgiving morning (for the last 25 years!) I go down to the Neal Blaisdell park in Pearl City and launch rockets with a bunch of friends. This is the only time of year I'm really involved with rocketry, but it is as much a part of our Thanksgiving tradition as the turkey! This year we'll be bringing 6 rockets (too many probably!), 3 D-class rockets and 3 C class rockets. We have 3 beautiful ones this year, a Mercury Redstone rocket, a Mercury Atlas and Space Ship One. Should be fun!

This year we are having quite a crowd over to our house for Thanksgiving. 25 folks I think! I'll be deepfrying 2 turkeys this year! I actually prefer to do 2 smaller turkeys because I don't have to fill the pot too high with oil, and I get sort of a second chance if somehow the first turkey is done wrong. You can see my past efforts at deep frying turkey's here (2003, 2005).

Also wanted to mention that Bradley has gotten glasses! He loves them! He was starting to have trouble seeing the blackboard at school and the eye doctor said it is time to get them. Bradley was actually really looking forward to getting them. Today was his first day at school with them and I hope he can see everything he needs to see and that the other kids are kind to him.

We have so much to be thankful for! I hope that the busyness of the season doesn't distract you from appreciating the blessings in your life.

Peace, Love and Thankfulness,


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