Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hanalani Craft Fair

Yesteday Emily participated in her biggest craft fair yet!

Her and her friend Wilberta set up a booth in the Student Activities Center at Hanalani and sold earrings and bracelets and "danglys" and such. I was responsible for keeping the kids occupied and escorted them around the fun fair. Bryan also had his (borrowed) ham radio so we were "haming it up" all around campus. We also struck up some conversations with local area hams and even Wayne (KH6MEI) came to visit and brought his family!

It was hot, but fortunately the gym is air conditioned, so when we really got wilted it was back to the gym. I regret not taking any pictures in the gym of the craft fair, so this one of the kids at the fun fair will have to do. Em ended with a tidy profit and possibly a commission to do 15 or so baseball "danglys" for a Little League baseball team!

Peace, Love and Craftyness,



Sandy Fewell said...

Way to go, Em! I have gotten so many compliments on the earrings you did for me! Whatever we give away always comes back to us twofold! Thank you!
Thank you, Rich, for making it easy for her by taking care of the boys!

kris tamondong said...

Vance and I made it just in time! AND we got there in time to get some beef stew plate lunches too! It was ono! Em, I love the earrings and the "danglys" that I bought from you!