Monday, November 06, 2006


My kids and and I enjoy a rousing game of Heroscape from time to time, and yesterday afternoon they wanted to play again. I had sent them into the guest room to build the map and get the game ready. That can be a big part of the game, just building the map! To make it more fun, Uncle Albert Lum had also recently donated all his Heroscape materials to my boys, so they had 3 sets plus a few expansions to build from. Well, they spent quite a long time in there, and built a huge map with EVERY single map piece they had, and set up for a super-brawl with every character on the map! This was going to be a huge, messy, LONG battle!

We started in and it indeed was a lot to keep track of. After an hour and a half we had only completed 2 rounds! Clearly we had bitten off more than we could chew. How fun this would be though if we had a few more players and a whole afternoon to play! I took a few photographs because I think the kids did a great job laying out the terrain and the pieces are actually quite impressive. Maybe we'll keep the map up a few days and just scale back on the combatants.

I love playing with my boys! One of the reasons it was taking so long was that Bryan had to act out every encounter with full sound effects, and Bradley kept us supplied with the requisite number of chips and snacks.

I really wish I had John Letoto's macro lens (and eye) for these shots!

Peace, Love and Mortal Combat (between friends),


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