Thursday, November 16, 2006

Yeah Right Mom....

All this week, Good Morning America is doing a special series on the NEW 7 Wonders of the World. This morning was the Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza. Well it just so happens that Emily's family visited Chichen Itza in 1976 on a great big cross country vacation, ending in Mexico. Emily recognized the ruins and told Bryan "I've been on those steps!" Bryan's reply was "Yeah, Right Mom..." with a look of a person not willing to be deceived. Emily vigorously defended herself, but Bryan wasn't having any of it.

Well, thanks to Grandpa Hirose, here is photographic proof of the event, as well as a few other photos from the trip.

Peace, Love and Familiar Mayan Temples,



Gung Ho said...

I dig Grandpa Hirose. He looks pretty cool in that picture with the blue hat...not smiling but you know the dude's in control.

Sandy Fewell said...

Be sure and let Bryan know that Nana and Papa Fewell have also been on those Mayan ruins. It was awesome. You know the court where the Mayan people played a game similar to soccer and the loser was beheaded? We stood on the very same court with those huge walls on each side of us. Eerie! Also, we were at the eco-park that they talked about on GMA. We saw people riding inner tubes in the caves, we walked into a bat cave, we saw all the water animals---beautiful! So Bryan, you have some pretty hip grandparents! If you want to see our pictures at Christmas, remind me!