Sunday, October 14, 2007


We had a nice flight to Atlanta. We felt sorry for the flight attendant because he was a hulk of a man like a linebacker. His head grazed the ceiling and when he walked down the aisle each shoulder grazed the overhead bins. It was a small plane.

We have a 3 hour layover here and fly out on Delta flt#1273 to Honolulu.

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Bolo said...

Aaaahhh, the good ol' ATL. Did you know that because Hartsfield-Jackson is a Delta hub, they'll say "Dixie" or "David" instead of "Delta" when using the phonetic alphabet?

Rich said...

Yeah, we noticed that on their "terminal train". The computerized station announcement would drone "The next station is Concourse C as in Charlie", but when it got to "D as in Delta" it said "D as is David". It makes sense. I'm surprised anyone else noticed. I thought it was a ham radio thing (the ITU Phonetic Alphabet).

Bolo said...

I didn't actually notice it, just found that out while reading up on phonetic alphabets. I definitely will the next time I pass through Atlanta, though...hopefully that's sooner rather than later, as passing through Atlanta usually entails a wee bit of a "stopover" in Honolulu ;) I figured you would be appreciative of that little factoid, of those things we geeky types get geeked up over noticing.