Saturday, October 06, 2007

Wonderful West Virginia

We're here! Had a wonderfully predictable and unrushed trip to WV. My parents and grandmother were at the airport to pick us up. After securing all our luggage it was off the the pumpkin festival!

This is no small event here. The police and members of the WV National Guard are deployed at all the intersections leading to the festival. We are in a bumper to bumper line of cars that stretches for 3 MILES leading to the fairgrounds. My parents are shocked! Apparently Crystal Gayle is performing here tonight too. Dad heard that this year's pumpkin festival will be the largest ever.

That's OK, because it gave me a chance to listen to the WV ham community's Simulated Emergency Test (SET). Hawaii's set is next weekend. A SET simulates some sort or emergency situation and passes simulated emergency messages between participating responders. It was cool to listen in.

Well that's it for now, I can finally see the fairgrounds. Til next time,

Peace, Love and Pumpkins!


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