Sunday, October 21, 2007


Wow, what a weekend! I feel like we have been very busy this weekend, yet I feel like nothing got done. We spent much of our Saturday celebrating Vance and Kris's wedding. We went to both the ceremony and the reception, with a nice "date" in between. We stayed up much too late, and I missed my alarm for church, so I was late to church on Sunday. Fortunately Boise and Hazel were there to start set up. What a blessing! I was not expecting them.

I've updated a few items on the blog tonight. Per Gary's suggestion, I moved the weather icon to the upper right. You can now see, at a glance, what the Mililani weather is. If you want more info, you can click on it and see all the history graphs.

I've added a bunch of new blogs to check out. You may want to bookmark the RSS feeds of some of these (RSS, I LOVE IT!)(Fuel Depot RSS Feed). I also got tired of fussing with the order, so they are alphabetized now. Here are the new ones:

All About Olive
She's a 108 year old blogger who lives in Australia I think. She dictates her blog ("blobs" she calls them) to a friend who writes them down for her. Very cute.

Bryanz Scienz Blog

Bryan has started a new blog to fulfill the journaling requirement for his Science Fair project. This year he is building a GPS tracking device, utilizing the APRS system, thereby showcasing his ham radio license again. If you'd like to encourage him and follow along, then be sure to visit his blog.

Ken's Blog: Winter Wonderland

Great place to keep up with Ken and Lianne. I've been encouraging Ken to keep a blog, and he's giving it a shot. Check out his new "Night Train" Harley. Niiiice.

Ron Hashiro: Get Ready, Be Ready
Ron is the guru of all things "amateur radio" in Hawaii. I just discovered he is keeping a blog too, so I wanted to link to it. His website is a great resource to any Hawaii ham.

HAM and Pineapple

My new friend Keith has just entered the world of ham radio and is blogging his way into it. He also reads my blog from time to time so I thought I would keep track of his too.

Peace, Love and New Friends,


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Ryan said...

Cool, I know Keith. Will have to follow his radio awakening. And yes, RSS rules the web. How do you digest your feeds? I'm a Google Reader evangelist, myself.