Friday, October 19, 2007

Weather Station (My New Toy)

For my birthday, I got a electronic weather monitoring station, will all these cool sensors and buttons.

I love it! I hooked it all up right away and downloaded some cool software (Weather Display) and now my weather station data is being uploaded to the "Weather Underground" and the ham radio APRS system (via the Citizen's Weather Observer Program) and is even being used by the the National Weather Service!

Not only that, via the magic of the Internet, you can see the weather at my house anytime by coming right here to the The Fuel Depot and clicking on the button in the lower right of the blog which looks like this:

Weather Underground PWS KHIMILIL4

There are all these cool graphs and charts there. I don't know why I am so jazzed about this, but I really am! Never been much of a "data" guys in the past. Weird.

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Gung Ho said...

Your house must be looking more like Alex's office @ Panya Bakery (see the post of October 26, 2006). Pretty soon the military is going to be using your equipment to track nuclear missles coming from Korea.