Sunday, October 28, 2007


Isn't that ironic? I post about how to kick start the writing habit and then you don't hear from me for a week! SHEESH!

It was a busy week. At KITV we have ramped up again and are hard at work creating the spots we will run during "sweeps" (TV Ratings period).

We had a nice Wananada Wednesdays meeting this week which included 4 new people! Great! When you include the kids it was 28 people from 5 churches! Cool. If we ever have a week where EVERYBODY comes, we will be pretty large! We're not meeting next Wednesday because it is Halloween.

Thursday was the EARC (Emergency Amateur Radio Club) meeting. It was weird. It was supposed to be the election of our club officers, but despite having people willing to be on the board, no one wanted to volunteer to be an officer. Because I am putting so much time and effort into launching the video ministry at NHM I did not step up either. Maybe next year, but not now. It is kinda spooky too that none of the current officers want to do it again.

Yesterday was a work day around the house. Got some things done and that always feels good, but of course not everything that needs done, got done. I still want to make rootbeer this weekend, so it will be ready for thanksgiving. We will be having thanksgiving at our house again this year. That also means another deep fried turkey! YUM. I'm actually considering not doing a rocket launch this year. My rockets are in disrepair and it wouldn't take much to just say...nah. 'Nuf already. Still, it WOULD BE BREAKING A 27 YEAR TRADITION FOR ME. Just thinking about it that way makes it hard.

Well we have church in a few hours. I did the video set up last night so it SHOULD be a pretty relaxing setup this morning. (Watch live or archived)

Peace, Love and Good Times,


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Bolo said...

A 27-year tradition?!?!?!?! Wow...I'd almost say you were Baptist by that alone... ;)