Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Day 3 in WV

Yesterday we visited Tamarack and saw so many beautiful WV crafts and gifts. We spent a lot of time (and money!) there and many of our gifts that we are bringing back are from there.

It has finally started to rain a little here and it is also getting cooler! 71 degrees is the expected high today and by Friday it might be down to the low 50s. The overnight low may be in the high 30s! Hurray! It was weird going outside and being in 85 to 90 degree weather!

On our way home we stopped by the Summersville dam and looks at how low the water level is. Their recreational "beach" was 30 feet above the water line! We also saw a bunch of deer again! We've definitely seen our fair share of deer, and now we are hoping to see a bear or a snake,... but not too close.

Today we are in Charleston to take my grandma to a regularly scheduled doctor's appointment. While she's in there, our family is doing homework in the car and I have found an open wireless connection and am using it to get some updates in and out. I've also played some ham radio, but I can't seem to get the IRLP connection to work from here so I could "radio" back to Hawaii. Oh well, still fun.

I'm gonna go ahead and send this update out then see if I can add some more photos later.

Peace Love and Geeking in WV,


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Mary Jane Klimek said...

Hi Rich,

We were at Tamarack yesterday also but my husband is an artist and we were delivering pottery. He is the Face jug artist. If you were walking around I'm sure you saw hhis work. Isn't the food great at Tamarack. We live up around Clarksburg. Our email is Glad you like's great. Husband was a graphic artist in the AF.

Mary Jane