Saturday, October 13, 2007

Last Day in WV

Today we got an early start because we had to drive all the way to Huntington, I'm guessing 100 miles away. We stopped by Krispie Kreme donuts on the way to the Heritage Center and the Radio Museum.

The Heritage center was great with buildings full of antiques and items from WV's frontier and coal mining past. Much of it was restored to working condition. The junk thing was they were adamant about no photography. Some highlights for me were the early 1900's ELECTRIC delivery truck, the original LINOTYPE printing press and all the working steam engines and old vehicles. They were amazing.

I loved the radio & technology museum! Got lots of pictures too. I worked an actual spark-gap transmitter (noisy!) and saw all kinds of classic radios. They even had a whole wall dedicated to Heathkits! I LOVED seeing the old TVs too. They even had an Ampex 1" machine I was quite familiar with.

The computer room was filled with memory too (pun intended). The TRS 80, the Apple 2, Lisa and "toaster" mac. The Osborn and a bunch of other computers I desired as a kid. I loved it!

We had dinner at Red Lobster and now we're driving home. Tomorrow we travel back to Hawaii. We have to get up at 2:30am and leave Lockwood at 3:30am. We fly from here to Atlanta then to Honolulu. We should be arriving in Honolulu Sunday around 2:30pm if all goes well. Emily and I work on Monday and the kids go back to school. We are going to be beat!

Thought I'd better get this blog out while I'm near cellular service.

Peace, Love and Coming Home,


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