Wednesday, June 25, 2008

28 DC - Day 2 - DISASTER

Day 2 I woke up feeling terrible. At first I was just very tired, and I assumed it was just my caffeine-lessness slapping me around. It wasn't long though that I realized I wasn't just tired. I felt sick. That kinda surprised me because, although I've been fighting off a sore throat, I felt fine the night before.

I knew I had our small group tonight, so if I was going to exercise, I had to do it now. I took a very easy walk around the block and woke up enough to realize I was actually sick. I still thought I'd just shake it off though. I took some "daytime" cold tablets and kept on schedule. "Man up and take it", you know?

On the bus I sleepily listened to an audiobook, grateful that I brought a sweater. I didn't take the sweater off all day, because I never felt hot.

Luckily for me work was not too demanding and I could mostly hide at my desk and keep busy on my own. I realized my challenge goals were shot for the day, so I'm gonna suspend this effort and start again when I'm feeling better. (Set a date, say July 1?) Basically, I'm NOT gonna exercise and I am gonna emphasize sleep and rest. I'll still avoid the caffeine and pointless sugar, because way back in my head, I wonder if coming off those things affected my immunity. I don't know. I don't usually buy into all the "body toxins" rhetoric stuff. Sounds too much like those silly Kinoki Foot Pads commercials.

Anyways, I WILL accomplish this goal, as soon as I'm well again.

Peace, Love and "Pass Another Tissue Please",


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Eutychus said...

Hey Rich,

Missed you at Wananada (woo!) last night. Hope you are feeling better soon.