Sunday, June 01, 2008

Working weekend

This was a busy weekend for me. I got up Saturday and worked all morning in the front yard. Now it looks nice again. I took a break during the hottest part of the day, and then went in back to do the back yard. It still needs work. I set up video for church and pretty much came home exhausted. I checked in to the net and called it a night.

Today I got up early for church and had a great time serving. I got to REALLY talk with Mike, my ministry partner today, and get to know him more and learn about the things going on in his life and family. That was great.

After lunch I did get a nice nap in, before I went out to work on the mobile tracker in my truck. I wanted to wire it into the 12v system, so I no longer have to worry about changing batteries. It ended up being totally different than the way I thought it was going to end up, but it works and I'm happy.

Emily is out tonight at a meeting and the boys have been playing World of Warcraft all evening long. The parental controls I set up are going to kick in soon and they will be booted off the system. Hee hee... (evil parental laugh)

Peace Love and Busy Weekends,



Eutychus said...

Hmm... I see that you are currently travelling at 6 mph, your temperature is 130 degrees, and you're 65 feet above sea level. Does that mean that you are jogging between computers right now, or is Honolulu moving towards Sand Island due to to some strange tectonic phenomenon? And is it normal for technophiles to have temperatures that would kill normal humans?

Rich said...

Ha! Of course my BEARING is a 130 degrees! I wonder what you would have thought if I happened to be going North-west at 355 degrees. Thanks for noticing the new GPS tracking feature!