Monday, June 23, 2008

My 28 Day Challenge

It has been a while since I have taken a good long look at my lifestyle. Recently I've noticed I have been getting lazy and undisciplined. I don't like that. But when it comes down to doing something about it, I'm too lazy and undisciplined to do anything about it! Well that vicious cycle ends now. I'm gonna change a few things and here's what they are:

1. Change my attitude and self talk. I AM NOT lazy and undisciplined. I can change anything I want about my life.
Measurable goal: I will successfully accomplish 3 things on this list within 28 days.

2. I want to deepen my time in God's word every day.
Measurable goal: 30 minutes everyday undistracted with a Bible and notebook (PDA OK).

3. I want to get back on an exercise plan.
Measurable goal: 30 minutes everyday spent moving something heavy, like my body (aerobic walking) or weights (resistance).

4. I don't want any dishes in the sink when I go to bed. This is both for me and as a service for my wife.
Measurable goal: 28 days of washing dishes by 9:00pm

5. I want to be in control of what goes in my body.
Measurable goal: 28 days of no candy, no caffeine, no nutrition-less calories (sugar), no soda, eating only when hungry and stopping before I'm stuffed. Not eating when I'm not hungry, or when I'm bored or in a "creative" mode. (a bad habit). Vitamins everyday.

6. I want a daily mental challenge.
Measurable goal: Each day do a sudoku, or a crossword, or read a math textbook and do the exercises, navigation, electronics, memorization, SOMETHING that is mentally or academically stimulating.

7. I want to maintain my social relationships.
Measurable goal: I will write or telephone a different person every day for 28 days that I have not spoken with in "too long".

7 areas, 4 weeks, 28 days

The challenge begins tomorrow and the last day of the challenge will be July 21.

Any hints, tips or ideas are all welcomed!

Anybody else want to join me with their own 28 day challenge? Comment below.

Peace, Love and Healthy Challenges,



BuzzBunny said...

Wow, good for you! I will await your phone call (am I on your list?).

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping you accomplish not just 3, but all seven of these things on your list. Good luck!