Friday, June 27, 2008

Camping Out for Field Day

I'm not sure I'm thinking straight today.

I woke up, still sick, but I am determined to go camping tonight at Kualoa Beach Park.

My radio club, the EARC, is participating with another club, the KARC, in the biggest radio event of the year, the ARRL Field Day. This is when hams all over the world gather and make contacts over a 24 hour period. Points are awarded for all aspects of operation and equipment. Some folks take it really seriously, and some folks gather for the fun and camaraderie.

Last year I camped out with the boys and although we had fun, they weren't that into the radio side of things. It was a little hard to participate in Field Day and keep them fed and entertained. This year, since my boys weren't so hot on joining me this year, I decided to go on my own, small scale. Last night I packed up much of what I need and loaded it all into the truck. I still wasn't feeling hot, but I was hoping the next night's rest would finally kick the bug out of me.

It didn't.

I awoke this morning still feeling sick but still determined to attend and camp out. I knew if I was going camping tonight, I couldn't skip work today. So here I am at work, with a headache, making plans to get everything I still need at Safeway in Kaneohe and sleep at the park in my new Hennessey hammock-tent.

I've really been dying to field test this new tent since it arrived. I have wanted one of these Hennessey Hammocks for several years. I need to get through Safeway and get to the park with enough light in the sky to still setup my tent without a lot of difficulty. Then I can heat up a nice warm backpackers dinner and visit a little with friends. I want to get up early so I'll want to turn in early too.

So for better or for worse I'm sleeping outdoors tonight. I figure I can always abort to my truck if things go badly, and if I take a turn for the worse, I can always just drive home at any point with just my ego bruised. Hopefully this will partially fulfill the "wander-lust" that has been simmering in my soul for the last month.

More updates from the beach I hope. Look for an Utterz (cellphone audio) post sometime tonight, if there is descent cell service.

Peace, Love and "Sleeping at the Beach",


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