Tuesday, June 10, 2008

iPhone Announced

Well it has been announced! The new 3G iPhone will be available July 11th (our anniversary!) It DOES have GPS, 3G internet connectivity and a flush-mounted headset jack. It's biggest splash may be it's price point. Only $199 for an 8GB model and $299 for the 16GB.

I think I am ready to jump in.

Emily complains about how terrible my phone sounds. She usually calls me on my office line now. I am very excited about the phone's capabilities, and what apps are going to be available for the phone in the coming remainder of the year. What does it not have? No video conferencing mentioned, same 2MP camera as before, no internal FM transmitter for playing music on nearby car stereos, and I'm unclear what it's Bluetooth capabilities are and whether it can play music through a wireless bluetooth headsets, or serve as a 3G modem for my mac.

There is also a new service being announced. It is called MobileMe. Because we are .Mac users we are being automatically upgraded. It provides all the linking and syncing capabilities to keep the iPhone, our home macs, and even my work PC always updated, automatically. It looks really cool.

For more about the 3G iPhone, click here.

For more about the MobileMe service, click here.

Peace, Love and iPhone anticipation,


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