Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cops raid Justin.tv !

I kid you not! As I tested the link on my blog entry below to see if it was working (it was), I was watching Justin.tv when the cops rushed into his apartment, GUNS DRAWN, asking who called in the chest stabbing! Somehow, some viewer relayed a call through Justin's phone number to the SF 911 and reported a stabbing. (His phone number is on the website) Justin's hands went up and a lot of very quick explaining ensued. At first the cops thought the guys were pranksters but then they seemed to accept the story. At one point they asked Justin to remove the camera from his hat, so he spun it around backwards.

This wasn't the first prank. Earlier someone ordered a bunch of pizzas to be delivered to them. They gave his number as the number and somehow got the address.

I bet they never expected that kind of action!


Anonymous said...

Here is a little more back story on the harassment and a video of the incident.

Police at Justin.tv

Ben Gutierrez said...

Hey, it's Ben from work -- little did I know a "Wired" article from my bookmark bar would lead here!

Rich said...

Oh My Gosh! I've been quoted in "WIRED"! Check out
I was wondering why my "hit count" was suddenly 600% greater than normal! This is cool and a little scary!

Chat said...

wired visitor!


an i embedded justin!

watch him here:


at the bottom!