Monday, March 19, 2007

Crazy Hats and Shades Day

This is Spirit Week at Hanalani and to kick it off they have Crazy Hats and Shades Day.  This is how we actually sent our kids to school this morning!  They love it!  Bryan is wearing a hat he's worn every year for this event, and Bradley is sporting a faux coon skin cap.  Both hats were souvenirs from Disneyland.


Sandy Fewell said...

Lookin' cool, boys!

Bolo said...

In Hawai'i, a faux coon skin cap would certainly qualify for a "crazy hat". In Kentucky, however, it would only qualify as crazy in the sense that it's not real ;)

Sandy Fewell said...

ckI just noticed the socks---is that by design or by accident?? Just kidding.