Tuesday, March 20, 2007


OK, so not a lot happened in my life today.

So since my life is so boring, check out Justin's life at Justin.tv. Remember the movie EdTV? This is very similar, but real. Justin is wearing a video pack and is transmitting to the internet 24/7. It's creepy, but so far just normal life stuff. I won't vouch for the content (Justin like to swear) but the technology to pull this off is pretty remarkable. Sometimes I'm accused of being too open on my blog, but this is way over the top.

Sometimes, when he is sitting at his laptop, he'll just ask the audience for an opinion like, "What should I write to my brother who just got dumped?" or "Which of 2 interviews should I accept that are at the same time?" . Imagine having a "Poll the Audience" option for every decision you make if you so desired. Imagine having instant feedback to every thing you do (your menu choices, your music choices or even if you are boring at any instant!). That would drive me crazy!

It would be interesting in court though.

"Where were you on the night of March 20th?"

"Well, I'll just call up the archive and see!"

Or the old "I TOLD you to take the rent check down yesterday!"

"No you didn't, let's go to the instant replay!"

Imagine putting one on a U.S. Soldier in Iraq!

Or a a stray dog.

Or on your kids first date!

There are all kinds of interesting ways to use the technology, but honestly, there's no way I would ever wear that thing.

Peace, Love and Precious Privacy,


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