Monday, March 26, 2007

Fewell News of Note

Here's the very latest from the Fewell Frontier:
  • - Nana and Papaw (my parents) have joined us for a few days from Maui. My Dad came over for some eye doctor visits. It was supposed to be a one day visit, but looks like the news isn't good. Without going into details, let me just say the my Dad is having some serious surgery on his eye tomorrow and we would welcome your prayers for him.
  • - Since my parents were here, we kinda surprised Bradley with an early birthday celebration. He will be turning 9 on April 4th, but we threw a little party for him on Sunday. He got to open his special present from Papaw and Nana, iPod Nano with his name engraved on the back! Bradley has really fallen in love with music lately and he LOVED his gift. He was thanking Mom and Dad continually for like a day. He loaded all his songs on it, but we laughed because he likes to pick one song and play it like 40 times in a row, before he gets bored and moves on to another song!
  • - On Friday, I picked up a used, mid-80's HF ham radio for a steal. It will finally allow me to listen in to the General Class bands that all the long distance communication occurs on. I should finally be able to listen to the mobile maritime ham radio nets that I have always wanted to. I homebrewed an antenna on Saturday out of copper wire and an old paint stirrer and heard Maryland and Eastern Canada my first night. I've also heard Russian and Chinese (I think). Still not quite as good as I've hoped for yet, but I have a lot to learn. At least I have a ticket to play now.
  • - Lastly, I have been presented with a ministry opportunity at our church New Hope Mililani. I have written much more about it in my other blog "A Hope and A Future". If you are interested in hearing more about that you can click over to it using this link "Duty Call".


Gung Ho said...

Hmmm...your new toy kinda reminds me of how Alex of Panya Bakery must've started (see your post of October 26, 2006). Maybe one day you and Alex will be able to launch a counterstrike against N. Korea.

Rich said...

Ha! It's going to be years before I ever have a ham shack like Alex (KH7F)! Funny you should mention him though, as I heard him on the air for the first time last night.

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