Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New Friends

Hi Everyone,

Papaw's eye surgery went fine. They visited the do
ctor today and tonight they are back on Maui. Dad was saying it didn't even hurt but I think he was just being a little brave.

The kids are on Spring Break this week. Tuesday Bryan and Bradley had some of their friends over. Brian Lab and Taylor spent much of the day playing video games, and soon they were joined by Bradley's friend Cole. Let's just say our boys slept well that night.

I visited a local meeting of the Coast Guard Auxiliary last night. They are requesting that amateur radio operators become involved as they try to implement their communications readiness plan. It was an interesting meeting, but I think I was the youngest one there! Even so, the organization allows one to serve only as they are able and offer all kinds of great training. I could even assist is regular Coast Guard Search and Rescue missions, or do radio watch standing or chart verification. I think that would be cool. Auxiliarist can participate in anything the Coast Guard
does except military or law enforcement actions. The reality is it is mostly education and non-binding boat inspections. A lot of nice folks there and I enjoyed the company.

Today, on the way home I met Juan. Juan had overheated (well,...not Juan, but his truck), and he had been sitting there an hour! Juan speaks Spanish and his English was very basic, but we seemed to be communicating just fine. He seemed to be very happy to see my jug of water! Just as I was wrapping things up, Juan's friend Raoul (?) arrived and he thanked me for helping.

I'm supposed to be camping with Gary this weekend but I am not ready at all. I'm going to be scrambling for the rest of the week to get everything ready. Wish me luck!

Peace Love and Friends,



Barbara Olmos said...

There you go again, helping a stranger in need. And you had what he needed ... a jug of water! Keep it up, Rich!

Gung Ho said...

I didn't know I was going camping with you. Wow...if you're not ready for this weekend, what about me?!? Oh, you mean camping with the other Gary in your life.

Robert said...

Rich: Glad you got a glimpse of what the Auxiliary can do. I am working on my Ham Lic. Let me know how I can help.
Robert E Nelson, DSO-PA,DC-Ad
US Coast Guard Auxiliary Public Affairs