Thursday, March 08, 2007

Writer's block!

OK, so my Dad and Mom are begging me to pick up blogging again, and honestly I don't know why I stopped fo a while. Right around Em's birthday I got a little busy and never got back in the rhythm. Then I started to have "Catch-up-itis" in which I felt like I had to fill in the entire gap that was unaccounted for. After a while that got to be intimidating and then paralyzing. Dad had it right when he said "Never mind catching up, just start fresh." It worked! Look I already have an entry!

Now I just wonder if anybody is reading this anymore.

HELLO......Hellooooo.....hello.......h e l l o o o o..... [cricket chirping sound].....

Peace, Love and New Beginnings,



Barbara Olmos said...

Welcome back, Blogging Buddy!

Sandy Fewell said...

Yea, you're back! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back...Dad