Monday, October 16, 2006

Comments on KITV Quake Coverage

KITV is racking up some great reviews of our 6.7 earthquake coverage. We were carried live by CNN for 7 hours straight. Our webpage had 2.3 million hits in 24 hours and was streaming video out to 114,000 computers worldwide simultaneously. Here are some of the comments:

How proud you must be that KITV was the only station broadcasting the results of the earthquake all morning! They are still doing a great job!
posted by Sandy Fewell

I've been watching the KITV Live Stream. You all are doing a great job!
posted by Barbara Olmos

IMHO, as a news viewer, as I clicked between stations 10pm coverage last night, KGMB seemed to be the least together out of all the stations. The anchors appeared to be ad-libbing a lot of things as opposed to KITV and KHON, which pretty much presented their broadcasts normally. There were also some technical booo-boos as well. It seemed like KITV had most of their staff in to provide coverage, which is what one would like to expect from a media outlet in a crisis like yesterday's.
tvguy via HawaiiThreads

More than 24 hours later, and KGMB's website still hasn't been updated! Go to -- it's like the earthquake never happened! Unbelievable. KITV is cleaning everyone's clocks -- they have dominated coverage through and through. Kudos to them.
via HawaiiThreads

Thank goodness for KITV. I, too, thought it was great that they were "broadcasting" online, even without local transmitting or cable power. Not that many locals could benefit from their efforts, but from the e-mails I was getting from around the world, they were pretty much the place to be for information for much of the day. They weren't "online" as fast as a couple of radio stations, but AFAIK, they beat the other television stations by a country mile.
pzarquon via HawaiiThreads

2 stations take real-time lead. KSSK radio and KITV become the primary sources for the latest news after the quakes.
Honolulu Star-Bulletin article

We are grateful that you trusted us to be that link and that you could rely on us for being your source for news. We hope that you will continue to turn to KITV and as your local news choice.

Mike Rosenberg, KITV General Manager


Barbara Olmos said...

Wow, I've been quoted! Seriously though, it was good to have live reports throughout the day. Although I knew my family was safe, I was still concerned about the possibility of more aftershocks. Thanks again!

Gung Ho said...

I give credit to KITV for being on the ball during the earthquake. My only bummer was that I had a portable radio not a portable TV.

KGMB really missed it although they say they are the "Severe Weather Station." I lose confidence in that station during times like these. I remember back in the '80s with Hurricane Iwa and KGMB/Bob Jones said the hurricane was heading straight for Oahu which caused a huge mess on the roadways. Needless to say, the hurricane did not come to Oahu but went to Kauai instead. I have a feeling KGMB was trying to scoop the other stations instead of triple checking their facts (which is what you learn in a basic journalism class).