Friday, October 06, 2006

The box, the wrappings and the bow

Oh My Gosh! A few weeks ago the boys and I went to a hunting and fishing day event at the Koko Head Crater shooting range. There we really enjoyed ourselves at the archery range. It was something we could all do together.

Last Saturday I went down to Island Archer and looked around the store. I found the staff there very helpful but we were a little overwhelmed by all the gear.

Forward ahead to Wednesday, a box from my parents arrives in the mail. It is my birthday present and I'm told I can open it now or on my birthday. Well, Wednesday is our small group bible study, so I decide to wait 24 hours, and open in with my family on Thursday evening.

After dinner, we clean up and I pick up the box. I start to tear little holes in it to tease myself and enhance the anticipation. "Ooooo, it's made in America!" I say as a reveal a small corner.

"Just open it!" everyone else yells in unison.

I giggle because I love opening gifts this way. The anticipation is so much fun. It is like being next in line. Being next in line is sometimes more fun then being "up". When you're next you're filled with anticipation about it almost being your turn, (but it's not your turn quite yet). I love that!

Anyways, I eventually did open the box and I couldn't believe that my parents actually sent me a complete bow set with all the accessories! Oh.....My......Gosh! I was stunned! (Thanks Mom and Dad!) I spent all evening attaching the bits of bowtech to it and test fitting parts.

I do need a little help with it. I'd like the draw length to be a little shorter (it is adjustable) and I'd like a pro to check out all that I did to make sure it is right before I start sending arrows through it. I'd also like to adjust the draw weight down to it's lower range while I start out.

There is an archery range within 5 miles of home, so I really want to go visit it soon!

Peace, Love and Oh...My....Gosh!


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Gung Ho said...

That last picture makes me wonder who you're aiming at. Since Bradley is in the picture, either Bryan or Emily is taking the picture and the other is who you're aiming at. And it looks like Bradley is ready to pick up whoever drops.

Man, with all these skills...ham radio, archery, would be a great contestant for The Amazing Race.