Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The vibe...to go

Well now they've gone and done it. Right by Costco in Waipio, next to the freeway on-ramp, right on the way to work, a brand new Starbucks has opened,...and it has a drive thru!


I've been very good about avoiding Starbucks. I love it too much. If I let it, it would decimate my budget. I love the atmosphere there, the dark wood textures and the deep green accents.

There is an indescribable vibe there. "Seattle's Best", right across the street doesn't have the vibe. Starbucks has the vibe. What IS that anyway?

I love the anticipation of getting your cup. The sounds of the steamer, the heat of the cup, the incredible scent of roasted coffee wafting in the air. The soft creamy kiss of whipped cream, drizzled with deep brown chocolate syrup, floating gently on a perfectly made hot chocolate... or the cool chill and ice rattle of a professionally prepared Grande Iced Chai.

I'm doomed.

How did this happen? I don't even like coffee.


Sandy Fewell said...

Dad and I have discovered the "vibe" as well. How else for two retirees to spend the morning---sipping a great caramel frappucino with a crossword puzzle and greeting sleepy people as they come in to get their wakeup cup of coffee! The problem is that we recently learned a frappucino with the whipped cream and the drizzled caramel sauce on top is about 800 calories! Oh, woe to our waistline!
How's the chai---maybe less calories???

Gung Ho said...

I think coffee is in your spiritual DNA passed on by a certain Mexican pastor whose blood is probably made of 50% coffee.

Barbara Olmos said...

There's a Starbucks here on Rokko Island and Mark goes there ALL THE TIME. They all know him and see him with his Bible - so it's outreach (yep, it's a hard job but somebody's gotta do it!)
Oh, and Gary, it's 50% and climbing!

kris tamondong said...

I know what you mean about the "vibe" . Cindy Mochida and I have been meeting there once a week to catch up on things and do our own personal quiet times. It's a great place to meet with God! I used to love drinking cafe lattes but now I have to drink coffee of the day (lactose intolerance).

Bolo said...

Hahahahaha! If you ever make it to the 'Ville, Rich, I could show you places that would send you into near-delirium over some good buzz-buzz brew. And I could even get a former Kaneohe resident to serve it up to you ;)