Monday, October 02, 2006

Digital Camera Fun

We love our little digital camera. I think we got it at Costco for around $199 before our vacation. It is so small that it is easy to keep handy. It takes great pictures too. We love it!
Casio EX-S600


Barbara Olmos said...

Hey Rich,
We've been looking for a new digital camera - in the land of the uku million electronic devices - but they're so expensive here. I may have to wait until my November visit to get one at Costco!

Rich said...

UPDATE: Our camera now has (effectively) died. It had a tendency to turn on inside it's case. Each time it did that, the lens would try to extend, but would collide with the case wall. Too many times that happened, so now the lens gears are stripped. Camera won't focus. It was a great camera though, and I have no regrets.