Sunday, October 15, 2006

Extended power outage?

ETA for Oahu power restoration not until 8pm. We are now at 21 aftershocks. Oahu has not felt any aftershocks.


Sandy Fewell said...

How proud you must be that KITV was the only station broadcasting the results of the earthquake all morning! They are still doing a great job!
Sure was scary over here---never experienced anything like it!

Barbara Olmos said...

Thanks for your blog...and the update. I came to your blog after I heard about the quake on CNNWorld. I knew you'd be on the ball! Still can't get through to my family but I'm sure they're long as they weren't in an elevator at 7am. Thanks again!

Barbara Olmos said...

I've been watching the KITV Live Stream. You all are doing a great job!