Saturday, October 14, 2006

A slice of life

Last night Em and the boys took me to Spaghetti Factory for dinner. We were looking for something cheap with good bread. I love a good sourdough bread when I can find one and Spaghetti Factory has a great one.

This morning we were up early to go help Gary Lau and mGf Ministries with the Cat & Dog Theology seminar. Emily helps out quite often, and from time to time, Gary needs to have a video record of the seminar, so I tape those for him. Cat and Dog Theology is based on a joke about how Christians can think that God is supposed to bless and serve them (like cats think of their masters), rather than thinking like dogs and being excited by, being faithful to and serving God and seeking His glory rather than our own.

After driving home from the windward side I took the kids to Bryson's Birthday Xbox party. 4 networked Xboxes all playing Halo (or whatever) together. It was good fun! Happy Birthday Bryson!

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