Monday, October 02, 2006

HealthComm Go-Kit

I just participated in my first HealthComm communication check-in net today at 11:45am. Each hospital has an identical portable radio station called a "Go-Kit", which can be quickly set up in an emergency and can connect all the hospitals together with Civil Defense, Blood Bank, Dept. of Health and Red Cross to provide communications in the event of an infrastructure breakdown (like what happened with Katrina(pdf) and Iniki).

I met Jim and Don there and we set up in a small utility closet because that is where our antenna drop is. We checked in and tried our newly mounted and installed antenna which worked great. I'll be doing this as a volunteer once a month to insure that our equipment is operating and ready for the real deal. (In the event of an actual "Real Deal", I would most likely be doing my job at KITV, helping get information out.

It feels good to give back a little with this new hobby.

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